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 Top 10 strongest and Powerful Aliens of Ben 10

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Ben 10 is the most popular animation series that started in 2005. It was created by Man of action studios and produced by Cartoon Network. In that Anime, Ben Tennyson can transform into different types of Aliens by using Omnitrix. The Omnitrix will contain various types of Alien DNAs. Ben Tennyson can transform various types of Aliens depending on the situation every Alien will have a specialty. There are so many types of Aliens like Fire, Water, Gravity, Ghost, Flying, Ice, etc…. types of Alien DNAs are stored in Omnitrix. Some of them are powerful. Let's see the top 10 most powerful Aliens in Omnitrix and also the Abilities and weaknesses of those Aliens.

10. Swampfire

Swampfire deserves 10th place because Swampfire is a fire and plant type Alien. Swampfire has incredible abilities and strength 

  • Powers and Abilities

Swampfire can make a powerful flamethrower. Its flamethrower is more powerful than the NRG flamethrower.

And Swampfire can regenerate all of its body parts.

Swampfire can grow trees in any place By throwing the seeds produced in its body and also Swampfire can control that tree by its hands.

  • Weakness

If we cut down Swampfire's body parts continuously it will not be able to regenerate its body parts instantly.

Also, Swampfire can easily be defeated by electricity attacks.


Humungousaur deserves 9th place because it is one of the strongest Ben's Alien. Humungousaur can defeat WayBig by changing its ultimate form.

  • Powers and Abilities

By changing its ultimate form Humungousaur's strength and powers will increase a lot. It will gain a Shield on its back and a helmet on its head, also a missile launching system on its hands.

Humungousaur will have extraordinary muscle power that helps to defeat powerful opponents.

  • Weaknesses

Humungousaur is also easily defeated by electricity attacks.

Humungousaur body movements are very slow by this its opponent will be able to spot humungousaur easily.


Diamond Head deserves 8th place because it has enhanced durability and also when humungousaur is defeated by Vilgax, ben will transform as Diamond Head and by Diamondhead, ben will defeat the vilgax 

  • Powers and Abilities

Diamondhead can throw crystals through its body.

Diamondhead is also able to regenerate its body parts by a limit.

Also, Diamondhead can produce more crystals by touching a surface.

  • Weaknesses

Diamondhead's body regeneration power is limited.

If the opponent will target Diamondhead's backside shorts it will lose its energy.



   BigChill deserves 7th place by its ability to go intangible and it can pass through its opponent's body and freeze them.

  • Powers and Abilities

BigChill can survive in space and underWater.

It can freeze anything with its breath.

It has intangibility that helps it to escape from enemy attacks.

Also, it has enhanced strength, durability, and agility.

  • Weaknesses

BigChill can easily be defeated by electricity attacks.

BigChill isn't able to fight with psycholeopterran.


 Chromastone deserves 6th place because its body is indescribable and its body can absorb unlimited energy that hits its body.

  • Powers and Abilities

Chromastone can redirect any energy that hits on it.

Chromastone can generate a Powerful crystal beam.

It has enhanced strength, durability, and dexterity.

  • Weaknesses

By physical attacks, opponents will easily defeat the chromastone.


Feedback deserves 5th place because it can absorb energy from a distance and blast it back also it can defeat malware.

  • Powers and Abilities

It has enhanced strength durability agility jumping reflexes and seed ( on electrical lines )

Feedback has space survivability.


WayBig deserves 4th place by its Height and strength it can handle power full attacks also WayBig throws vilgax out of the planet in a fight.

  • Powers and Abilities

It has enhanced strength, speed, and Durability.

WayBig can create cosmic rays with its hands.

Also, it can create and control cosmic storms.

  • Weaknesses

WayBig cannot wake up faster once it is laid on the ground.


  ClockWork deserves 3rd place because it can control the time and it can manipulate time.

  • Powers and Abilities

It has Chronokinesis (Time Manipulation) and Chronoportation.

Also, it has Enhanced Strength Space Survivability. 

  • Weaknesses

It has low durability by this it can be defeated easily by simple attacks but due to its time-controlling ability, it is very difficult to attack it.


  Atomix deserves 2nd place by Its ability to generate any chemical or poisonous gases through its body and it can defeat ultimate humungousaur by one punch.

  • Powers and Abilities

It has Enhanced Strength, Durability, Agility, and Speed.

It can create any chemical fusions through its hands.

Also, it can be Fly and it has Space Survivability.

  • Weaknesses

By the anime, Atomix don't have any weaknesses

1.Alien X

  Alien X deserves 1st place because it can control anything Time, Space, Reality, Power, and Souls in other word it has all powers having infinity stones 

  • Powers and Abilities

It has Invulnerability, Reality, Manipulation, Immortality, Regeneration, Time-Manipulation, Telekinesis, Self-Duplication, Multiple Personalities, Spatial Manipulation

In one word alien X can do anything, Nothing is impossible to Alien X.

  • Weaknesses

Alien X's biggest problem is taking the permission of Serena and Bellicus.

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