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      What was inside the GS ball

GS Ball is a mysterious Poke ball introduced in Pokemon Season 2 on the "pallet party panic" episode and it is completely ignored in Season 3. Many of the Pokemon fans want to know what is inside the GS Ball but in the Anime the GS Ball mystery was completely ignored in Season 2 after handovering it to Kurt. After Season 2 GS Ball was never again shown in the Anime. By these, the curiosity to know what is inside the GS Ball was increased in Pokemon fans and it became the biggest mystery in Pokemon. Let us solve this GS Ball mystery in 4types of explanations.

       1.The GS Ball in Anime

We all know that PokeBalls are used to catch the Pokemons. But there are some different types of PokeBalls to catch special types of Pokemons, GS Ball is also a special type of PokeBall, and GS Ball means Gold and Silver Ball. But in the Anime they Didn't reveal that who made the GS Ball and which type of Pokemon will be able to catch by the GS Ball. In the Anime the episode "Pallet party panic" in this episode Professor Oak tasks Ash with bringing the GS Ball from Professor Ivy's laboratory located on Valentia Island. After that Ash reaches Professor Ivy and Professor Ivy says that she tried to open the GS Ball many ways but she wasn't able to open it. And the episode "A Tent Situation" In this episode ash brings the GS Ball from Professor Ivy and handover it to Professor Oak. And the episode "The Rivalry Revival" In this episode Professor Oak researches about GS Ball and says that he didn't understand anything about GS Ball and Oak gave it back to Ash, asking him to deliver the GS Ball to Kurt of Azalea Town in Johto, a Poké Ball researcher and manufacture. After handovering the GS Ball to Kurt it was never shown in the anime again.

       2.The GS Ball In Video Game

Pokemon's 5th game "The Pokemon Crystal" was released in the year 2000. In this game after an event every player gets the GS Ball after owning the GSBall, Player has to handover the GS Ball to Kurt then Kurt will analyze it in a day. After analysis Kurt returns the GS Ball to the player then the ilex forest becomes restless, after that player has to place the GS Ball in a shrine of ilex forest, which will summon a level 30 and wild Celebi. The story of GS Ball in Anime and video game is very similar, But in video game wild Celebi will come out from GS Ball, This says that GS Ball will be made to catch Celebi but how they caught Celebi with GS Ball Celebi have the time-traveling ability and it can control the time that helps it to escape from PokeBalls easily, To know how GS Ball can catch Celebi, We should take the reference of Manga.

        3.The GS Ball in Manga

In Pokemon Manga, Chapter "Gold Silver and Crystal" A person named Masked Man, this Masked Man creates the mysterious GS Ball by using feathers of two legendary Pokemons Lugia and Ho-Oh because those two legendary can control telepathy and time travel by these powers, Celebi can't escape from the GS Ball. At the end of the Manga series Gold opens the GS Ball and Celebi escapes from it.


      4.Mystery Revealed In an interview

On 4th July 2008, In an interview with Masamitsu Hidaka the Film Director and storyboard Artist of Pokemon. Finally, in that interview Masamitsu Hidaka reveals the mystery of GS Ball, He says that they thought to open GS Ball after ash handovering it to Kurt as same in Pokemon 5th video game, But at that time their upcoming Pokemon movie has based on Celebi they thought that revealing the mystery of GS Ball in Anime before the movie then, it occurs the negative impact of their movie, So they don't reveal GS Ball mystery for their movie "Pokemon forever: Celebi - The Voice of Forest" And also Masamitsu Hidaka says that the GS Ball will never be shown in the Anime After season 2 because that GS Ball mystery has ended by "Pokemon forever: Celebi - The Voice of Forest" Movie.

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