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      Interesting Facts about Doraemon


  1. 1293 is Doraemon's magical number because
    Doraemon's height                    : 129.3cm
    Doraemon's Weight                   : 129.3kg
    Doraemon's Circumference     : 129.3cm
    Doraemon's Running Speed    : 129.3km/hr
    Doraemon can jump                 : 129.3cm
    Doraemon's Maximum power : 129.3hp
    Doraemon's Birthday              : Sep 3rd, 2012 (12/9/3)

So that's why 1293 is a Doraemon magical number.

         2.The meaning of Doraemon is: In the Japanese language Dora means 'stray cat' and Emon means 'Male' So the meaning of Doraemon is 'Male Cat'.

        3. Doraemon's Girlfriend Mii-chan was firstly introduced as a Male cat robot in the Anime, After some episodes, Mii-chan was removed in the Anime, Then After Mii-chan was reintroduced in the Anime as a female street cat.

           4. Actually Doraemon also has ears on a hospital rats were biting his ears on that time he lost his ears and also gets the fear of rats.

           5. Doraemon's Colour is yellow, On a day Doraemon was feeling sad because rats bit his ears, to reduce his sadness mistakenly Doraemon drinks a sad potion instead of a happy potion and he cries a lot due to that his color was changed into blue. 

          6.Dorami is faster and stronger than Doraemon because Dorami is an advanced robot and Doraemon's power is 129.3hp but Dorami's power is 1000hp.

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