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 50 Unknown and Interesting facts about Pokemon


1.In Pokemon manga, Ash has clefairy instead of Pikachu, When Pokemon released as anime the directors have changed clefairy to Pikachu.

2. Every Pokemon has a separate name in the Japanese language.

3. The name of Aerodactor was taken from the name of a dinosaur specie discovered in 2010.

4. The voice artists of Brok, Misty, and Jessie, James are the same in the English language.

5. The Pokemon cards were banned in Saudi Arabia because by these cards gambling in their country was increased.

6. The first created Pokemon is Radon, It was created before the Pokemon concept.

7. The Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri's favorite Pokemon is poliwag, yes it's poliwag not Pikachu.  

8. Arcanine was firstly created as a legendary Pokemon with zapdos and Articuno After it was replaced by Moltres.

9. The pokemon Meowth was created based on the pet of Satoshi Tajiri.

10. Punching pokemon Hitmonchan was inspired by Jackie Chan and the kicking pokemon hitmonlee was inspired by Bruce Lee.

11. Ash always wants to catch all pokemon but he caught only 80 different kinds of pokemon.

12. The names of pokemon professors were chosen by the names of trees, Professor Oak, Eve, Grich, and Roven.

13. Pokemons were also eaten by humans, mostly eaten Pokemon is Magikarp.

14. The whole pokemon franchise is worth 92.121 billion dollars.

15. Riku is a legendary Pokemon and also Ash doesn't face it.

16. Pokemon Gold and Silver was written by the Pokemon's last video game and by the success of pokemon gold and silver creators got a chance to make further pokemon series.

17. Ash got his first and second Gym badges without defeating the gym leaders.

18. Still now Ash doesn't catch the Fairy, Steel, Ghost, and Psychic types of pokemon.

19. Ash gets the Pikachu from a Pokeball and then after we didn't see the Pikachu in Pokeball.

20. In Pokemon's 80th episode Gary says to Ast that he has 200+ pokemons.

21. Till now Pikachu defeated two legendary Pokemons.

22. Pikachu is also known as the Japanese Mickey mouse.

23. The most shown Pokemons in the Pokemon anime are Pikachu, Meowth, and wobbuffet.

24. In the English dubbed pokemon series, the pokemon opening scene starts with Mewtwo, and in the Japanese language opening scene starts with Charizard.

25. Till now people have bought more than 24 billion pokemon cards. If we distribute the sold pokemon cards to all over the world, every person receives 3 cards.

26. When Meowth learned to speak its first word was Rocket. 

27. Ash's Noctowl was firstly introduced as a shiny pokemon.

28. Masamitsu Hidaka the Film Director and storyboard Artist of Pokemon, says that every Pokemon episode was made before 6 months it aired. And every episode takes 1 week to animate.

29. Pokemon's season 1 is the biggest season among all other seasons, season 1 has 274 episodes.

30. Ash's Pikachu was very strong, 60% of Ash's battles were won by Pikachu.

31. Ash's first rival was Gary, but throughout the whole pokemon series Ash has 24 rivals.

32. Till now Ash has released 6 Pokemons and he giveaways 5 Pokemons.

33. In every region ash catches a starter-type Pokemon.

34. Till now Ash meets all Mythical and legendary Pokemons.

35. Pokemon Cards was started in 1996 but still, it has huge popularity.

36. In 1999 Pokemon characters were printed in time magazines to criticize the pokemon.

37. The Pokemon Go game was the most downloaded game, when it was released.

38. The most common type is a Water-type, 16.9% of pokemon were Water-type.

39. The most catched pokemon is the wailord.

40. Pokemon Go game has more than 1 billion downloads and its revenue was 3 billion Dollars.

41. The Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie was the first pokemon live-action movie.

42. Caterpie was the first Pokemon to be seen evolving in the anime.

43. Dugtrio is the fastest Ground-type Pokemon.

44. Onix is the longest Pokemon and Joltik is the shortest Pokemon.

45. Spoink is the weakest Pokemon in the Anime and Aipom is Ash's weakest Pokemon.

46. Arceus is the Strongest Pokemon and also known as God of Pokemon Universe.

47. Greninja is Ash's strongest pokemon. Starmie is Misty's strongest pokemon and Onix is Brock's strongest pokemon.

48. Pocket Monsters shorter form is Pokemon.

49. Hoopa us the weakest Legendary Pokemon.

50. Gastly and Haunter were the lightest Pokemons.

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