Why Doraemon and Kiteretsu are similar? Doraemon Vs Kiteretsu. Interesting facts about Kiteretsu.

 Why Doraemon and Kiteretsu are similar? Doraemon Vs Kiteretsu. Interesting facts about Kiteretsu.

Why Doraemon and Kiteretsu are similar

Doraemon is one of the popular anime series, released in 1979. Kiteretsu was released in 1988, Kiteretsu is not more popular than Doraemon, but Doreamon and Kiteretsu have some similarities like the same type of characters and the same type of storyline. Let we compare the differences and similarities between Doreamon and Kiteretsu and why Doraemon is so popular, but not Kiteretsu. And also some interesting facts about Doraemon and Kiteretsu.

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Similarities between Doraemon and Kiteretsu

Both Doraemon and Kiteretsu anime series have robots. Doraemon is a robot in Doraemon anime and Korosuke is a robot in Kiteretsu anime. These two robots look similar, and Nobita is similar to Kiteretsu, Not only these two characters all main characters in Doraemon and Kiteretsu are similar.

  • Kiteretsu is similar to Nobita

  • Korosuke is similar to Doraemon

  • Myoko  is similar to Shizuka

  • Tongari is similar to Suneo

  • Buta Gorilla is similar to Gian

Why Doraemon and Kiteretsu are Similar

The iconic anime series Doraemon is created by Fujiko Fujio and Kiteretsu anime is also created by Fujiko Fujio. Yes, the first connection between Doraemon and Kiteretsu is Fujiko Fujio. Both anime were created by the same artist. But why Fujiko Fujio creates Kiteretsu similar to Doraemon to know this you should know another thing about Doraemon, On releasing Doraemon in 1979, Some people complaints about Doraemon, that in Doraemon, Nobita was a lazy boy always face problems and Doraemon always helps Nobita in every situation, By watching this may cause children also became as Nobita, as this many people complained about Doraemon. In that time to overcome the negative impact on Doraemon, Fujiko Fujio created Kiteretsu anime, In Kiteretsu anime Fujiko Fujio just replaced the characters, In Doraemon anime robot Doraemon was intelligent and Nobita was a lazy boy. Oppositely, In Kiteretsu, the robot korosuke was lazy and Kiteretsu was intelligent. By these changes, Fujiko Fujio created the Kiteretsu to overcome the negative impact on Doraemon.

Unknown and Interesting Facts About Doraemon

Why Kiteretsu is Not Telecasting in T.V

In 2007 Hungama channel brought the Kiteretsu anime rights to Telecaste on T.V. At that time Hungama channel Telecastes only two shows Kiteretsu and Shinchan, In Kiteretsu every episode has 25-30 minutes duration and in shinchan every episode has 10-15 minutes duration. By long Duration of Kiteretsu, Telecasters have place advertisements in the middle of the episode, By these viewer engagements and TRP ratings of Hungama channel were decreased and they stopped telecasting Kiteretsu, Later POGO, Disney, and Cartoon Network were also brought Kiteretsu show rights to Telecaste, But these channels were also Stop Telecasting Kiteretsu because of long Duration and mid-roll advertisements.

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