Who is Bo-Chan | Who are the Parents of BoChan in Shinchan | Facts About BoChan in Shinchan

 Who is Bo-Chan | Who are the Parents of BoChan in Shinchan | Facts About BoChan in Shinchan

Who is Bo-Chan | Who are the Parents of BoChan in Shinchan | Facts About BoChan in Shinchan

BoChan is a strange fictional character in Shinchan anime. Bo-Chan is one of the Shinchan's friends also a Classmate. BoChan never hurts anyone also Shinchan always troubles his friends but he never troubled BoChan also Bo-Chan never troubles anyone. BoChan is an introvert he never shares his feelings with others including his friends. Don't know why but BoChan always suffers with cold and he plays with that sneeze. By seeing BoChan character in Shinchan a lot of questions were raised in our mind that why BoChan behavior is Unique and Who are the Parents of BoChan and Why in the Shinchan Anime they have never shown the background of BoChan and his parents. What is the real name of BoChan Boo or Suzuki? Is BoChan had a sister or not and a lot of doubts were raises in your mind. But Don't worry in this article I reveal the all details of BoChan and his parents.

Who is Bo-Chan in Shinchan

BoChan was born on September 10, 1992, in Kasukabe. In the anime, BoChan was 5 years old. He studies in kasukabe Futaba kindergarten school, BoChan, Shinchan, Nenu, Kasama and Mazao are the classmates and friends from Sunflower Class. Bo Chan is good at his studies, collecting different types of stones, doing artwork, and finding UFOs are the hobbies of BoChan. Bo-Chan wants to become a Scientist in the future and finally, he becomes a great scientist in the future were shown in the Shinchan Villian Aur Dulhan movie.

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What is the real name of BoChan, Boo, or Suzuki?

Sometimes BoChan's friends and Teachers call him as Suzuki and sometimes they call him as Boo or BoChan. Then let us know what is the actual name of BoChan. The actual name of BoChan is Bo Suzuki, Bo is his first name and Suzuki is his Surname and the Chan word is used as the suffix for the children's name in Japan like Himawari Chan and Shinsuke Chan or Shinchan. 

Who are the Parents of BoChan.

In the Shinchan Anime they never show the parents of BoChan, But in the movie shinchan bungle in the jungle the mothers of Shinchan, Kazama, Neni, and Mazao were talks about BoChan's mom that she allowed Bochan to come on the cruise alone. This scene clearly tells us that BoChan had a mother. If we do a deep search about BoChan's mother, Once she was shown in the Shinchan Manga series but she was not shown in the Indian version of Shinchan. In that episode, Shinchan and his friends decides to see BoChan's mother at any cost. They plans as to follow the Bo-Chan when he returns his home after playing at the end of the discussion Bochan enters into the park and they play with BoChan they play till the evening and at that time BoChan tells his friends that he has to go home and he returns to his home, Shinchan and his friends were following the BoChan but suddenly in a traffic jam they miss the BoChan and sadly return backs to their home without seeing BoChan's mother. After that BoChan's mother welcomes him to home in that scene BoChan's mother was shown to us but not his friends. This is the episode of BoChan Mother. And the Father of BoChan was never shown in the Shinchan Anime.

Is BoChan had a sister or not

Most of the people don't know that BoChan had a sister named Nishu. Nishu haves the same hobbies that his brother has. However, till now Nishu was never shown in the anime and nobody knows the reason behind this.

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